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The Shift Has Begun...

Mint Is the
New Normal.

Reasons You'll Love Us

Nationwide Network

We reach over 300 million nationwide, I mean we’re everywhere. It’s like we have coverage fomo. We just have to be where you are.

Premium 4G LTE Data

Mint partnered with one of the fastest 4G LTE & voice network providers to keep you connected wherever you go. Download, stream and upload faster than ever.

No annual Contract

Don't get tied down in a traditional two-year contract with surprise fees. We're no ball and chain, you can easily change out of your plan whenever you like with zero charges. 

Plans with Big Savings

Look, we’re all deal hunters because no one likes getting gouged. So we’ve made our 1 month price super low, but if you buy more, you save even more.

Cleverness Can Change The World


Mint has partnered with the fastest voice and 4G LTE network out there to bring you premium quality service on a premium quality network, but for a fraction of the price. By offering pay-up-front, multi-month plans, we're able to discount the price even further, so we can deliver on our promise to offer big, stinkin' value at a minty fresh price. Plus, once you pay, you can forget about paying your phone bill for up to a whole year. Now that's a good f@&ing deal. (We said foxing)

The "Buy More, Save More" Philosophy

Same Concept, But With Your Phone Bill.

We're No One Trick Pony Fox

It’s 2016. People ride Segways to work and you can get same day delivery online. So why are you still using an ancient post-paid cell service?Just like Segways, Mint is the new normal. So cut the cord and join us up here, the view is a lot better and a whole lot cheaper.